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Sometimes We’re Just Talking to Ourselves


I’ve been in the advertising, marketing, promotion, incentive, blah, blah, blah businesses for many years. I consider myself an expert in my field, understanding the concept development, execution, post analysis, financials and everything that goes into creating a successful campaign for my clients. At least in theory… A few years ago a new client approached our agency with a...

iPhone YouTube Troubles


When I have problems with software or hardware, I usually start by searching on Google and finding dozens of solutions on different blogs and forums. Of course, in each forum there about a dozen solutions that you have to try for yourself also. I have an iPhone unlocked using SimFree 1.7 and here is the simple solution to activating YouTube on your unlocked phone after receiving this message:...

Our Newest Release! EzSlide. A Rich Blend of PHP and Javascript


Ever wanted to create your own slide reel, like Apple’s coverflow or to display an array of photos? You can, with EzSlide. EzSlide is a PHP library that uses javascript to create rich, fluid layers on your website where you can display anything you want. You can create applications like Apple’s coverflow, a photo slide reel, a unique multi-layer section of your website…just be...

Mac OS X Leopard: Web Sharing Troubles: “Forbidden”


If you’ve installed Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 already and you use the built in apache server “Web Sharing” you will need to follow these steps before your web server works again. If you’ve tried to visit a page on your local server, you will be greeted by this message: Forbidden (403) You don't have permission to access /~danielerrante/ezslide/ on this server. Leopard fails to...



I just installed Leopard. It’s awesome. Installing the actual operating system took about an hour and Time Machine is updating the computer as we speak. All the new features are amazing and remind me why I switched to mac in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, installing a new operating system is always a royal pain for me. Leopard only had a few hiccups: Don’t try to use an external monitor...

Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon…Which Payment Service Should You Use?


Recently diving into e-commerce, I needed to find the best service with the lowest transaction costs for my clients and for my own company. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with all of the choices, you should look into these great services from more the more popular companies out there. Paypal has a $10/month fee to use their basic service, where they would handle all transactions, including...

5 Suggestions to End Programmer’s Block


We programmers all get it. Staring at the computer screen hoping for the energetic icon at the bottom of the screen to start writing your application for you. What do you do to break out of the funk? 1. Get out of the [home] office. Take a break. Spend some time outside. You may find some new energy from the warm sun, if it’s out. 2. Drink some coffee, tea, water, Mountain Dew, motor...

The 5 Steps for Niche Markets


This is a jist of what Ed Dale teaches in the thirty day challenge. The process has enabled him to create multi-million dollar businesses online and now he is teaching people like you and me how to do it. After participating in his challenge, I learned that his principals not only apply to finding niche markets, but to business practices overall. After all, the people who benefited the most from...

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