Mac OS X Leopard Hologram Box

I just installed Leopard. It’s awesome. Installing the actual operating system took about an hour and Time Machine is updating the computer as we speak. All the new features are amazing and remind me why I switched to mac in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, installing a new operating system is always a royal pain for me. Leopard only had a few hiccups:

  • Don’t try to use an external monitor if you have a laptop. I hook my macbook pro up to a 30 inch display with the laptop screen dimmed down all the way. When I got to the first install screen, the screen blacked out so I couldn’t see anything, and I couldn’t change the brightness, so I had no choice but to hold the power button and restart the computer, unhooking all the peripheral stuff like my iPod, cinema display, keyboard, etc…Before you install, unhook everything besides an external hard drive.
  • When I first began installing Leopard, the estimated completion time was around 4 hours, but don’t worry! It only takes around an hour.

That was easy enough. The computer takes a while to start after you install Leopard, updating the system for 10.5. When you get to your desktop, Time Machine will ask you to back up your computer. I recommend taking a few hour vacation from the computer while this happens, because as I am writing this article, my Finder is completely broken and I don’t know when my hard drives will be backed up!

Leopard Screen Shot

I’m not sure if trying to use spotlight helped either, because it’s trying to index my computer for searching while Time Machine is backing up the hard drives. Uh oh! hah

spotlight indexing my computer

There are obviously a few bugs that need to be worked out. Within the first ten minutes of using Leopard:

  • Time Machine completely broke my Finder. I can’t open any windows or folders.
  • Deleting to-do items in Mail doesn’t delete items in iCal. In other words, they don’t sync.
  • While trying to login to g-mail using Safari (WebKit), text boxes only show the last letter as you are typing.

I’m sure some of these problems will be fixed after I restart my computer, but for now I can’t do much and I am clueless to when I can restart!

Oh well, just a few bugs. I am still admiring it! A Long awaited present from Apple ๐Ÿ™‚

full desktop screen shot 10.5 leopard

(click for full size image)

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