Our Newest Release! EzSlide. A Rich Blend of PHP and Javascript


Ever wanted to create your own slide reel, like Apple’s coverflow or to display an array of photos? You can, with EzSlide. EzSlide is a PHP library that uses javascript to create rich, fluid layers on your website where you can display anything you want. You can create applications like Apple’s coverflow, a photo slide reel, a unique multi-layer section of your website…just be creative! EzSlide relies on your creative ability to make it cool!

ezslide sample application page

You can see a few sample applications on our demo page, at http://bizwidgets.biz/demos/ezslide/. Also, if you find a cool new way to use EzSlide, send us a link.

Since EzSlide is in early development, we will always be open to suggestions. Thanks!

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