A *NEW* Open Source Content Management System built in Codeigniter


You may find we don’t write on our blog every day like a lot of other companies. We try to focus on publishing quality posts about a certain area of the market that we feel strongly about. Although we probably should be posting more frequently, most of our time is spent developing web solutions that will be eventually released as open source or as a commercial solution for you and your company.

This post is a teaser of what we are releasing in the next few weeks. We haven’t given it a name yet, but it will be an open source web publishing and content management system built in PHP, specifically CodeIgniter. We are integrating the best features from the popular content management systems and blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Expression Engine, etc. and building a CodeIgniter library that you can edit easily and use for your own websites. Since it is open source, we will always accept your suggestions and implement them in new releases. It’s going to be simple, functional, and it won’t be packing any extra weight. We like how CodeIgniter is structured and we build our applications the same way: the basics are always there, but if you need customization, there is always room to flex.

Plus, if you remember our user management system that we released a while ago called EzAuth, this new content management system will integrate perfectly and seamlessly. We appreciate all the great feedback on EzAuth and we take a great amount of pride in the interlocking web solutions we are developing for small businesses.

Thanks everyone. If you want to be informed when we release our new CMS system, please send an e-mail to cms@bizwidgets.biz and we will send you download information when it comes out. Again, thanks for the support everyone!

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